Alita and the female icons of SF cinema

On the occasion of the release in theaters of the film SF of Robert Rodriguez “Alita : Battle Angel”, carried out by the service in the performance capture of Rosa Salazar, back on the female icons of SF cinema. Twentieth Century Fox When Alita wakes up with no memory of who she is, in a future that it does not recognize, it is hosted by Ido, a doctor who understands that behind this body of cyborg abandoned, hides a young woman with an incredible past. It is only when the forces of dangerous and corrupt who run the city of Iron City is launching its lawsuit that Alita discovers the key to her past – she of the combat capabilities of the unique, that those who hold the power want to absolutely master it. If she manages to elude them, she could save her friends, her family, and the world that she has learned to love. With his exceptional talents in combat, his large, expressive eyes and his touching naivety, Alita and at the same time very powerful and really engaging and she has everything to become an icon of the SF in good and due form, joining of the heroines worship such as Ellen Ripley in Alien, Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games or even the princess Leïa from Star Wars. In images, return-on-25 female icons of SF cinema : See the slideshow Slideshow Alita, Leïa, Ripley… The female icons of SF cinema 24 photos